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Crystal Lake Girls Fastpitch Softball

How are the number of games in Spring and Fall determined?

 To play the variety of towns that we play, we are a member of NISA (Northern Illinois Softball Association).  NISA sets the number of games, the dates for spring and fall rec seasons and the playing rules for all age groups. 

Why don’t parents get better choices for coaches practice schedules?

 Attempting to coordinate schedules between 10-12 girls and their families, assistant coaches work schedules and the head coaches schedules, would give a coach 12-14 different answers making scheduling incredibly difficult. They are also scheduling for time slots when multiple teams share a field during the week for practices and in Spring rec season for games. All our coaches are volunteers, they give a huge amount of time to help all these girls develop.

Why aren’t all girls who make friendships able to play together every season?

 As an organization we try hard to see all requests be fulfilled. We are determined to ensure fairness for all girls of all abilities on all teams, to create an equal playing experience for everyone and not have one team with the best of the best, leaving less experienced teams demoralized ruining the experience for those girls. We also follow the guidelines for fair division of teams as given by NISA.

Why don’t Comets play more tournaments, earlier in the year?

 CLGFS does not allow Comets schedules to interfere with the Rec schedule for Spring and Fall seasons. Same applies for the Rec teams. Most towns that play in these tournaments against us, also play rec season softball, making availability less earlier in the year. More tournaments also means more expenses for all players' families. Within the past three years alone, costs associated with acquiring field time, umpires, all supplies and equipment, insurance on the players, has risen dramatically. 

Why doesn’t my daughter play every position?

 Coaches ultimately decide where the girls play on the field. They’re required to follow NISA’s rules for the specific age group and positions, innings played in one position, etc. They’re encouraged to have girls try different positions throughout the season. The coaches also take all girls' safety into consideration. More inexperienced players, who may become distracted easily, for example can get seriously injured by a hit ball playing on the infield.

Why do we get so many emails regarding registration or upcoming events?

 Unfortunately, even with the repeating emails, some people still do not read them and miss important dates. Having busy lives as parents, we all tend (at times) to only focus on the immediate and push off other things until later. The reminders actually boost our website activity, significantly, after being sent out, showing they do work.

Why doesn’t the board communicate better about upcoming seasons, next seasons coaches, etc?

 Like all coaches, the board members are all volunteers. It is nearly impossible to predict the future, or how many girls may be registered for the next season, knowing how many teams at each age level we will have, likewise how many coaches will be needed. The coaches also have their families to look out for. Sometimes, coaches do not always decide if they will return until later in the registration period. As the CLGFS Board, we always give preference to a returning coach over a new addition.  We always strive to communicate earlier to give more time to prepare, be more detailed so as much information that’s available is out there and we’re always making it our priority to continue improving our communication.

Why isn’t the hit-a-thon earlier in the year? 

 We schedule the hit-a-thon for a month and a day that is likely to be good weather, making it a fun event, versus having it in March or April risking it being rained or snowed out. We also have to work around all teams in all age groups, their games and season schedules and coordinate with all of the teams to have a good turn out.

What should we do if we see a coach speaking disrespectfully about opposing coaches, families or officials to their players?

 You should contact us IMMEDIATELY! We take the code of conduct that players, coaches, families all sign every season extremely seriously. On our website, a board member is designated to be an age group representative. This rep is not in the age group of the girls they represent to ensure no bias. You can also contact us at the [email protected] and we will be in touch to work through and resolve any issues.

Why are there different rules for rec and comets tournaments?

 The rec rules are determined exclusively by NISA. All Comets tournaments are hosted by other organizations, many who are not in NISA and have different rules. All coaches should reach out and inquire about the rules when they are scheduling the tournament. 

Why don’t you schedule home games and practices before registration, to give parents with girls in multiple sports more time to plan?

 We don’t because we do not know how many teams we will have, how many girls will be playing until registration closes. Sometimes, due to the lack of volunteers, we don’t always know all the coaches until later in registration. NISA does not know how many teams there are until all towns close registration and submit their numbers by the required date. NISA then sets the scheduling meeting, where coaches work together to plan their seasons; this cannot be done earlier. 

Why do Comets have to play rec ball?

 We have the Comets players play rec ball for several reasons. When the CLGFS was formed and the Comets all-stars were added, they incorporated rec as a requirement into the by-laws to ensure our focus as an organization remained one so all of the girls wanted to play, not just a select few. We feel all girls regardless of ability should be able to enjoy the sport. Comets players help those girls gain confidence to continue in the sport. Many Comets players started being inexperienced, uncertain and seeing Comets players on their team helped them develop the courage and determination to continue, to become Comets themselves.  It helps them develop leadership skills, they help teach inexperienced girls the basics with the coaches as they “connect” with other girls their age, it continues to help teach all the girls about team work, develop social skills and good sportsmanship. 


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